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【Limited-time Menu Available on 3/15 (Fri)】"Harvest Your Own Strawberries" Tableside Strawberry Picking Mille-feuille


【Limited-time Menu Available on 3/15 (Fri)】"Harvest Your Own Strawberries" Tableside Strawberry Picking Mille-feuille

At Cafe & Dining LÜDERA in Sengokuhara, Hakone, we will begin offering a special dessert, the "Forest Strawberry Picking Mille-feuille," where you can finish the dessert right in front of you, starting on March 15th.

Cafe & Dining LÜDERA has been expressing a connection to Hakone through seasonal items such as the summer-exclusive "Ama-no-gawa Float" themed after the Milky Way and the autumn-exclusive "Susuki-no Cider," inspired by the beautiful golden susuki grass fields of autumn. As we move into the spring season, we are excited to introduce a mille-feuille featuring strawberries from the neighboring Shizuoka Prefecture.

Why do we specifically finish it right in front of you?
In response to a decrease in workforce and profit pressure due to rising costs, LÜDERA has been promoting digitization, including the introduction of ordering and payment systems, to enhance efficiency and reduce the need for personnel. In this process, to avoid diminishing the essential human touch and communication that is a strength of dining establishments, we have created the "finish it right in front of you" menu. We want you to enjoy the excitement of seeing the dessert come together before your eyes, like assembling a puzzle, and experience the arrival of spring with all your senses. The pie, cream, and strawberries are put together like a puzzle in front of you.

Limited-time Spring Special Menu: "Forest Strawberry Picking Mille-feuille"
Featuring strawberries from Shizuoka, right next to Sengokuhara where LÜDERA is located. We use the elegant and fragrant "Kirapixie" strawberries, known for their delicate texture and sparkling appearance. Using one pack of these strawberries, we assemble the crispy pie, custard, and mascarpone cream to create the Mille-feuille right before your eyes. This freshly made, crunchy Mille-feuille, filled with plenty of strawberries, provides a special treat this spring. Although Sengokuhara, Hakone, has lingering cold weather due to its high altitude, we aim to deliver happiness to our customers with this special strawberry-filled spring dessert.

・Product: Hakone's Forest Strawberry Picking Mille-feuille
・Price (tax included): ¥2,100 (includes one drink)
・Sale Starts: March 15, 2024
・Location: Sengokuhara, Hakone