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Bringing Japanese Culture to International Guests - Launch of Internal Side Job System


Bringing Japanese Culture to International Guests - Launch of Internal Side Job System

KINNOTAKE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakone, Kanagawa; President: Kei Kubosawa), operating five ryokans and two restaurants in Hakone, will implement an internal side job system starting March 1. The system aims to utilize employees' knowledge and skills during idle times to enhance the experience for inbound guests.

The introduction of the internal side job system was inspired by the "Ryocance" project, launched at the 10th-anniversary celebration of the ryokan "KINNOTAKE Tonosawa" in January 2024. The Ryocance project aims to increase the demand for consecutive stays among guests. Recognizing the high ratio of inbound travel demand and consecutive stays compared to other facilities within the group, KINNOTAKE decided to initiate the Ryocance project at "KINNOTAKE Tonosawa." The project includes providing new "Wa" (Japanese) experiential activities, establishing on-site facilities such as a gym, sauna, and pool, and seeking to improve added value to stimulate consecutive stay demand.

|Utilizing Staff's Individuality and Skills Through the Internal Side Job System

During the planning phase of the Ryocance project, the challenge of expanding the product lineup became apparent. However, when viewed at the individual staff level, it was found that each staff member possesses knowledge and skills derived from their experiences, with many having unique talents. Recognizing the inefficiency of idle time, such as 10:30 to 13:00 during work hours, KINNOTAKE decided to utilize this idle time. By showcasing and providing staff expertise, talents, knowledge, and experiences to inbound guests during idle times, the company aims to bring satisfaction to both guests and staff. The internal side job system is introduced to encourage staff to invest additional income in further self-development.

|Delighting Customers, Fostering Self-Improvement, and Increasing Income

Comment from an employee:
"I proposed and commercialized my specialty, 'Yosakoi Dance Experience,' to offer to inbound guests. I will provide explanations about the roots of Yosakoi dance and teach the representative movements. As this is something I have enjoyed and excelled in for 14 years, I believe I can provide it to inbound guests with enjoyment. By spreading Yosakoi dance to a wider audience and making customers happy with the experiential service, I aim to further hone my skills and contribute to my personal growth. Earning 50% of the sales price will increase my income, making it a mutually beneficial system for customers, the company, and me."

Fee: ¥10,000 per person
Operational Days: Saturdays & Sundays from 12 PM to 2 PM
Duration: 90 minutes
Minimum Participants: 2 persons

|Internal Side Job Program

・Implementation Date: Introduced from March 1, 2024.
・Each individual can sell experiences based on their skills, knowledge, and expertise in traditional Japanese activities.
・50% of the sales amount will be returned to the employees.
・A maximum of 30 hours per month, including overtime incurred during regular working hours.
Sample products

|Future Prospects

With the introduction of the internal side job program starting in March 2024, employees will have the opportunity to offer cultural experiences to inbound guests, utilizing their skills and hobbies during idle times. This program is not limited to Kinnotake Resort staff but also extends to local community members and visitors to Hakone (Reference: 17.36 million visitors in 2022). By creating a mechanism where individuals can share their expertise with inbound travelers, we aim not only to contribute to the local economy and generate income but also to promote mutual understanding through cultural exchange. We believe that fostering such connections can contribute to the collective aspiration for global peace.

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