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Kinnotake Resort - Directly Connected Internship with Employment Selection


Kinnotake Resort - Directly Connected Internship with Employment Selection

Kinnotake Co., Ltd., based in Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, runs five ryokans and two restaurants in Hakone. The company, headed by President Kei Kubosawa, has partnered with the Department of Tourism and Culture at Komazawa Women's University. The collaboration agreement, signed on March 1, 2023, led to the creation of a recruitment-focused internship program in collaboration with Professor Taku Samejima. They are set to start recruiting graduating students nationwide from the academic years 2025-26, beginning December 1, 2023.

Background: Increasing Demand and Talent Shortage in Tourism
Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic until 2020, temporary closures and reduced operations resulted in issues like resignations and a shortage of managerial staff. Recently, with the recovery of inbound travelers and the resumption of group travel from China, there's an expected increase in travelers. This has led to a growing need for ongoing recruitment. However, even though job seekers in the tourism industry have returned to pre-COVID levels, new job seekers remain at 95%. The recruitment market in the tourism industry is intensifying, with job postings growing by approximately +55%. The employment environment for Kinnotake Resorts is expected to become more challenging (Source: Yamatogokoro Career Co., Ltd. "Job hunting in the tourism industry is active, but labor shortages persist - The key to problem-solving is improving working conditions," announced on April 10, 2023).