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Cafe LüDERA's 2nd Anniversary


Cafe LüDERA's 2nd Anniversary

Kinnotake Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Hakone, Kanagawa, President: Kei Kubosawa), which operates five inns and two restaurants in Hakone, Kanagawa, will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Cafe & Dining LüDERA in Sengokuhara, Hakone on April 29 (Saturday). To commemorate this occasion during the Golden Week period, they are launching new burgers and limited special sweets for children, as well as a campaign offering one year of free coffee for Instagram posts.

On April 29, 2021, amidst the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, LüDERA opened its doors. Back then, the outlook for the end of the pandemic was unclear, and it was a challenging start. LüDERA is a coined term that means "Valley of Happiness." Over the past two years, it has served as a place where people gather in search of various forms of happiness, relaxation, and respite. Many visitors have frequented the cafe, and the return of tourists to Hakone is evident. With the upcoming end of pandemic-related restrictions, they are hopeful for an increase in inbound visitors. Looking ahead, they plan to enhance the customer experience through digital transformation and aim to become a sustainable "Valley of Happiness," focusing on health and food.