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The Trends of 'Non-Stay' Ryokans


The Trends of 'Non-Stay' Ryokans

Kinnotake, a company that operates 5 ryokans and 2 restaurants in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, has analyzed the usage trends of their "non-stay ryokan" facility, Kinnotake Saryo, based on reservation data for the 2022 fiscal year. Since its opening in August 2022, Kinnotake Saryo has welcomed approximately 400 guests, with a room occupancy rate of 25% for the first-floor rooms featuring open-air baths. Looking ahead, the company aims to further promote this concept as one of the new ways for visitors, both from the Tokyo metropolitan area and inbound travelers who are showing signs of recovery due to the lifting of entry restrictions and favorable exchange rates, to enjoy day trips in Hakone. This reflects the growing travel enthusiasm and evolving consumption patterns that have emerged after several years of the COVID-19 pandemic.