870m above sea level at Hakone Ashinoyu
To the things that affect your mind together with Mother Nature.



Deepen your Hakone cultural immersion: Extend your Ryokan stay.

Ryocance Explore Hakone's beauty on a 3-4 day escape.

Immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of Hakone during an extended 3-4 day escape, allowing you to fully explore its scenic wonders, savor local delicacies, and engage in a rich cultural odyssey.
Staying multiple nights allows you to create enduring memories that will enrich your life.

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To feel the hot springs - 2days 1 night How to spend a day

Ashinoyu Here are some recommended ways to spend two days and one night focused on hot spring recuperation spent at Matsuzakaya Honten.
You can enjoy the benefits of this special hot spring, which has been loved by many people since the Edo period, by logically spending time in the hot spring.


A little mountain walking course around Matsuzakaya Honten walking course

When Matsuzakaya Honten was opened in 1662, Ashinoyu was a marshland.
This is a walking course where you can feel the atmosphere of those days before the marshland was developed.
Please enjoy the scenery that has remained unchanged from the Edo period to the present day.
The path is well-maintained, so children and the elderly can also enjoy it to the fullest.


Hot springs at Matsuzakaya Honten

Recommended Bathing Methods How to take an Onsen

Have you ever experienced the feeling of "why am I tired" after taking a lot of hot spring baths? There is a correct way to bathe in onsen.
By using the correct bathing method, you will be able to return home feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the onsen, your body, and your mind without getting burned by the hot spring water. Let us introduce you to such bathing methods.