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Walking with History
"Matsuzakaya Honten", a famous onsen in Hakone


Welcome to Matsuzakaya Honten

Founded in 1662.
The fragrance of the onsen and the objects of different times and spaces add color and luster to the pavilion.
During the Meiji period (1868-1912), the hotel was the site of a meeting between Takayoshi Kido and Takamori Saigo, and many writers and artists, including Kaishu Katsu, Tesshu Yamaoka, and Taneomi Soejima, who stayed at the hotel.
Since then, many people, including members of the imperial family, have continued to visit the temple and weave its history.
Our private onsen boasts a flow rate of 200 liters per minute and is rich in all three major qualities of spring water for beautiful skin: sulfur spring, sulfate spring, and hydrogencarbonate spring.
Please enjoy the onsen to your heart's content without any addition of water or heating.

Famous onsen since Edo period, one of the seven onsen in Hakone

It glows emerald green immediately after gushing, and changes with the weather and temperature. It is a very Unique onsen that reacts sensitively and sometimes turns cloudy.

We use our own onsen source for all bathtubs in the hotel. Please enjoy the onsen baths.

  • Onsen nameNatural onsen: Ashikari no Yu
  • Onsen QualitySulfur containing - calcium, sodium, magnesium-sulfate, hydrogen carbonate spring (hydrogen sulfide type)
    (Former name: Sodium bicarbonate-hydrogen sulfide spring containing gypsum) Weakly alkaline, hypotonic, hyperthermic spring
  • .
  • Onsen temperatureFountainhead: 58.6 ℃ Tub: 41.0 ℃
  • pHSource: 8.1
  • EfficacyBeautiful skin, Helps heal neuralgia, rheumatism, skin diseases, etc.

A history spun in onsen.